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What means Having always B plan make you a thinker and better than genius

Having always a B plan make you a thinker and better than genius:
As usual, it a great day to get some self-improvement; let's talk about new tips:
Today’s topic is about: Having always b plan make you a thinker and better than genius 

What became a genius means and how this will be in relationship with having a B plan
The way we live today is making us so busy in a way like a production machine, on other worlds:  we follow one line, one rhythm until the end, so, is it good? Is this is the best way to live;  no I don’t think so, as may be for some few persons that’s work perfectly, but believe at some point, if anything goes wrong, the whole life cycle will crush and why ? Is simply because we don’t see outside much to learn!

But let’s think about it, what if someday we lose this life balance and this is what we call problems and at this point, the main focus will be finding a solution, then if already got a plan B no need to think a lot!  
Is having a b plan can be called a Genius idea:
Having a plan b is just a genius idea but that doesn’t mean  you are a genius instead of that you are a thinker, I will deeply explain this later in this post, so having a b plan mean you have always a backup plan to solve your problem
Having a b plan is just an advanced Genius solution to all your problems:
As explained previously, having a b plan means having a genius solution but do you need a b plan for all you problems? no, since you don’t usually know problems until you face it, means that you need to have a solution to a future problems which you don’t currently know !  This is confusing right? This B plan that makes you able to solve all your future unknown problems is simply a method to define previously on how to solve your problems: check here some simple about solving problems.
Is defining a b plan means you became a genius:
At this point you’re not a genius, instead you are a thinker, a person that anticipate actions management; a genius person may be a good mathematic person or an  IT developer but a thinker is the one who has a global vision and one of his main skills is being a genius! Got it?  
Be a thinker is much better than a regular genius
Hoping the meaning is clean and the purpose is: life will be much easy with a b plan
My B plan:  once I face problem, and this works perfectly for me each time I call it :
  • Stop temporary all actions.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Answer two questions: what I should have done better before the problem happened? And what I others do when this get them? Much the answers and construct your solution.

Finally: keep in mind that:
However your situation is bad there are other facing worse situations.
All problems have at least one solution.
Hope you enjoyed reading !

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