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How a good planning helps in your daily decisions taking-get a full free explanation, enjoy!

As usual, it a great day to get some self-improvement; let's talk about new tips:
Today’s topic is about:How good planning helps in daily decisions taking 
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Daily life decision, understand the logic behind ?
As usual, it a great day to get some self-improvement; let's talk about new tips:
Today’s topic is about: How good planning helps in daily decisions taking.
Let talk about the daily rolling, which obvious is each one has a particular routine depends to his environment, social life conditions, daily duties … so basically we are different but we have something very common : goals.
Yeah, this Is true, each one has a goals some are also commune between all some are particular but at the end we have goals. In this articles I would like to involve this top related how to succeed and reach your goals. And this can be done via a planning.
Basically you are going toward your goals through your daily decisions making and taking, this is the case to all for us, but doing you notice that some of us are getting their goals, they are reaching their dreams while for others the life is just not going as expected; do you want to know why?
Well here how thing work for both: there is a goal and there is a line to follow in order to reach that goals, for most people how succeed on that, goals are reachable via hard work and good planning for other, goals are here but how to reach is just out of planning; and here where thing take different direction the first is toward success and the second stuck at the idea level.
How daily decision are fixed and taken ?
On daily basis we are forced to take momentary decisions as we are facing several outside elements such as people, financial situation, and social life, physical conditions are more... So we basically deal with all that through taking decisions and then acting based on that. Some time we get what we need sometimes not but at the end we took that decisions right? Now let’s ask this question is we able to take the adequate decision each time? The is no but we can act on optional result previously through planning, yes this can be done, planning is simple building a scenario of the future and identify how to deal with each potential result. The future is not 100 % predictable but 90% of it can list easily: for example: you are working in company X you future can basically take three directions: 
I. The situation keeps being the same 
II. You can lose the position you have now 
III. You get promotion

Those basically are the top three situations you can have in the future, and this is your answer about whether the future is predictable or no? so now you know a part from the future ask yourself am I protected in case one of these three situation became part of my future ? Yes you can answer it by determinate how you will act for each case then you are designing your future.
This has nothing to deal with psychological studies; we are only describing best practices in daily life!

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