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Learn about problem solving - What are the basics, and the easiest way to do it !

Understand the five killer actions to solve any kind of problem.
As usual, it a great day to get some self-improvement; let's talk about new tips:
Today’s topic is about: Learn about problem solving

Learn about problem solving
This is almost a typical topic we all, periodically, face from time, how I can solve the problem I have got. First, before going any further, let say that people call a problem all what they are not able to do in a very specific time- listen: ‘… in a very specific time ‘this a conditional situation, means that it may not be a problem so calling it a problem is just wrong as it should be called a temporary situation.  this one of the basic question that proof that problem is simply an illusion produced by   our unconsciousness core to give an excuse or a logical answer to our consciousness’.
Let’s   take it just like this, for now, and see below what are the five killer actions that helps to solve whatever you face.
-Before, you have to understand, no one can, effectively, helps you to solve   your problem as it depends to only you, beside, the same problem can solve by different why and attends the same result!  But, the logic will be same for all solving problem process. And this is what this article is about.
Five killer actions you need to take to solve any kind of problem:
  • Start by saying a situation of problem
  • Understand the problem.
  • Answer the question:  is it a problem for me or this is what other saying.
  • Solve it
  • Make it a lesion and give it a KO. 
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